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Victor Miguel Ponce, epilogue, hydrology, engineering hydrology

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990. EPILOGUE [171004]

Thanks to

Professor Ponce  

Dear friends:

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that the experience was useful. For the past 19 years (since 1999), we have developed online applications of our activities in teaching, research, consulting, and service. We feature rich content, easy navigation, fast loading, and attractive style.

Our  Vlab logo  is a world-class provider of free online hydrologic and hydraulic software. We feature more than 360 programs to solve a wide variety of problems. In addition, we have posted more than 310 videos for your information, learning, and enjoyment.

Since 2007, we have posted 49 nutshells on a variety of topics, including groundwater sustainability, glaciology, and salinity management. Since 2009, we have posted 18 pubs+calcs on topics such as flood hydrology, open-channel hydraulics, and unsteady flow in open channels. In these articles, you can calculate while reading.

Please take a minute of your time to e-mail us your comments.

 ponce at ponce dot sdsu dot edu 

Best regards,

Victor Miguel


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