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New on this website, Dr. Victor Miguel Ponce, hydrology
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  36020 :   How much water could be pumped from an aquifer while remaining sustainable?

  42124 :   Por que o balanço hídrico cibernético é mais adequado do que a abordagem tradicional?

  42123 :   ¿Por qué, en un balance hídrico, resulta más adecuado un enfoque cibernético que un enfoque convencional?

  38050 :   Sistema de codificação Pfafstetter para identificação da bacias hidrográficas

  38050 :   Why is the cybernetic hydrologic balance better suited for yield hydrology?

  42012 :   Conversation witn Vic Mockus

  97207 :   Legacy tale: The owner of the ball

  97206 :   Legacy tale: Who us going to grow the potatoes?

  97205 :   Legacy tale: What is the difference?

  97305 :   Cuentos: ¿Cuál es la diferencia?

  16149B :   Design of channel transition - supercritical - b. Without hydraulic jump.

  16149A :   Design of channel transition - supercritical - a. With hydraulic jump.

  42118 :   La conexión entre el salar de Coipasa y el salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

  42502 :   Application of the general dimensionless unit hydrograph using California watershed data.

  41501 :   La Sección 3.6 del libro de texto "Fundamentos de la Hidráulica de Canales".

  33000 :   Section 3.6 of textbook "Fundamentals of Open-channel Hydraulics."


  36018 :   The Thomas problem with online computation.

  16220 :   Online Thomas problem.

  16164 :   Online pump-pipe system.

  16163 :   Explicit equation for pipe diameter D.

  16162 :   Explicit equation for pipe discharge Q.

  16161 :   Explicit equation for Darcy-Weisbach friction factor f.

  16157 :   Head loss with the Hagen-Poiseuille equation.

  16156 :   Discharge with the Hagen-Poiseuille equation.

  16195 :   Computation of the inherently stable channel.

  36017 :   The inherently stable channel with online computation.

  16282 :   Online Muskingum-Cunge convergence ratios practical.

  16281 :   Online Muskingum-Cunge convergence ratios.

  36016 :   Muskingum-Cunge amplitude and phase portraits with online computations.

  42054 :   Comparison between overland flow models.

  16108 :   Normal depth in a prismatic channel using the Chezy equation.

  16236 :   Potential evapotranspiration by the Hargreaves method.

  16149 :   Design of channel transitions.

  43093 :   The myth of groundwater resource evaluation.

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